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The third Monday of January is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Whether you believe that or not, the long nights, cold weather and trying to keep to new year resolutions are all probably getting to you a little by now. To make matters worse many will still be recovering from their Christmas spending. So how can you make today and the rest of January.
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Have you been out enjoying the sunshine instead of keeping up with this week’s money stories? We don’t blame you! But if you want your news distilled, here is our round-up for you. Changes this year means there is more freedom in how you can access your pension. But with this extra flexibility comes the potential for scammers coming out of the woodwork
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The ‘cost of living’ is a phrase that’s rarely out of the news, and our wallets and bills appear to back up the claims that our household spending is on the rise. The Office of National Statistics has taken a look back at the nation’s household spend for 2013 – and it shows that we did spend more than the year before. The average amount spent by each family.
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